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It's so hard isn't it?

That's something to be proud of!

Ever wondered what's this beeping really means to the police officer?

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Lately somehow I find that my roommate is being hugged by most of the girls we live with. Why I asked-and she gave me the answer.

A ta- piwo i błękitny ser pleśniowy to najlepszy lek na nieżyt żołądka-a przynajmniej innego lepszego nie wymyśliłyśmy. Nie dość żę mamy pleśń na ścianach, musimy ją jeszcze jeść.
Ciekawe jak jest ser pleśniowy po angielsku?:D

Next time-you will meet the Kleszcz.see you:)

Cheshire Cat

Sometimes we get interesting topics in our school works...
Magda as Cheshire Cat...


I swear Imago! I'm never going to bou you a donut for dessert!
Kids!Eat your dinner!


Let's start with a tea-Like all good things should start.Maybe it was coffee-can't remember. I think we are addicted to coffee lately.

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hello I love you !

The hat case

It happened a year ago, we suddenly realised our hats dissapeared-we really loved them and we knew that it's possible that some unnatural powers are behind that...

The true story is, that we discovered that we simply forgot to take them from home...

for other stuff- we decided to post our comic in original and english language. We're from Poland so behold the polish doodles xD!

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Love from the First Sight.

happi valentajn
Hej Mdzik!:D

You know how the first glance can be dangerous.We were in the same high-school,but in different classes. We really met at the doors to our first flat at the first year of univercity studies. One was too shy, other expecting entusiasm.
But hey, we live together since.Scary isn't it?

We will tell you more about our homes and people we lived with next time.