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Bubble Queen

Bubble Queen will make your stress dissappear!--->

I pop bubble wrap at 4.06 bubbles per second!

I popped 196 bubbles in -2 minutes and 48.3 seconds
at www.Virtual-Bubblewrap.com!
Can you beat my score?

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piątek, 29 października 2010


wziełam się wzruszyłam .. gdy lodówkę z wersalką w lesie zobaczyłam!!!


praca nad projektem "prosta w przestrzeni"

zakończyła się pomyślnie!

wtorek, 20 kwietnia 2010


I thought we'd show you our fifth location to live in during our studies. (Well just the view for now.)
Why fifth?
If you had an opportunity to rent a room as a student, and your country has something like winter, you'd probably know that not every landlord remembers that students are actually live beings.
Our last acomodation had 11 degrees in winter and sometimes, the outside was warmer than inside of our room.
So we moved out, and looked for some room where we "can walk without socks".
Aside of cold we had to say goodbye to all our mushrooms wich grew on walls and stairs.
Goobye mushrooms!Goodbye Stefan, Rodrigez, Pablo, Elisabeth, Tadek,and the one we didn't gave a name.

We live near mountains as you see. The room is small, but neat. When the weather's nice, we can see mountains clearly :)

Where do You live?


The kids are alright

It's based on facts...
Outside the shop we witnessed the most amazing child lecture ever.
Those kids are getting smarter and smarter.


I really do!


our friend was getting married in a week, and we all threw her a party.
We decided on theme "country wedding" and all the girls dressed up as a man.
We decided to try out an outfit of a priest and a russian teamster.